Acne sufferer, 25, says CANNABIS oil finally banished her spots after 8 years of problem skin

After 8 years of having a skin problem, an acne sufferer claimed that CANNABIS oil has finally banished her spots

When Emily McClarron was still 17 years old she started to suffer acne. Ms McClarron is from Rayleigh in Essex. According to her that the people were calling her a “spotty freak” but eventually when she applied cannabis oil her blemishes was banished. According to Emily that she was very upset on her appearance & she even didn’t want to be seen in public or even having a meal out with her boyfriend.

When start taking CBD oil capsule the red spots, sore have calmed down & taken her life back. CBD oil capsule is made up of marijuana plant & also a legal herbal remedy. She is now comfortable enough to go outside with or without makeup. Ms Emily said: “There may not be many scientific studies on it, but it’s certainly worked for me.”

Emily started her own business by selling the CBD oil capsules to the other people across the United Kingdom since the product was already proven and tested. According to emily that having an acne was very awful & she tried everything just to remove it but nothing seemed to help. I’d try and cover up the spots with makeup and just felt so down and depressed about how I looked. All I would see when I looked in the mirror was the acne.’- she said.  Emily said that she had been taking some antibiotics to homemade face washes for year. “The cannabis capsules make me feel more relaxed and stress was a huge trigger for my skin-breakouts. I read online that cannabis oil can help relieve inflammation, provide pain relief and reduce anxiety. There may not be many conclusive scientific studies on it, but it’s certainly worked for me.”- Emily McClarron said.

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