Brazen acro-yoga couple ruins wedding photo shoot by refusing to move

Newlyweds ruin their moment by yoga couples who refuse to move despite being surrounded by furious guest

Marck and Many Ling had to move in another position in official snap of their big day after a selfish yoga couples laying on the grass in from of them refused to move, According to the woman who captured the scene and then shared it in a Facebook group, the couple deliberately posed in the background until the bridal party left,  The yoga couples were asked several times politely and given the occasion you would have thought she could give the photographer a few minutes to get the best position.

Ms ling, from Torquay asked if nobody in the wedding party have any idea who the  yoga couples was. Mr. and Mrs. Ling’s families all congregated after the service on Saturday in front of an ornamental stone gazebo which stands in Tessier Gardens, a public park popular with wedding parties next to Furrough Cross Church. Several guests asked the yoga couple to leave so that they wouldn’t intrude on pictures of the newlyweds big day. but the yoga couples remained out on a towel reading a book for most of the photo-shoot.

Another wedding guest, Natalie Ling, 28, who recorded the moment on camera, said no one in the party knew who the interloper was. The yoga couple was surrounded by the wedding guest, the couple was behind them and the photographer kept calling different people over for picture so they knew what was going on. Eventually, the yoga couple got up and left after about ten minutes of us being there taking photos, but they still left all their stuff there. it was fucking rude and disrespectful

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