Harry and Meghan attend two boozy private parties and mingle with racy celebrity set

ROYAL COUPLE: Harry and Meghan has attended two boozy parties & mingled with other racy celebrity sets

They call these parties as “sleepovers” this is an invitation of Nick Jones, he is the boss of Soho House, the fashionable global chain of members’ clubs. The royal couple attended the club chain. The royal couple arrived in Amsterdam on Friday afternoon and then they left on Sunday. The royal couple attended two boozy privates parties together with Nick Jones 7 his friends.

Stanley Tucci, an Oscar-nominated American actor was in town for the shindig. Nick Jones said: On Friday night it was more of a loose party, and Prince Harry and Meghan were circulating with everyone because she went to the opening of Soho House in Istanbul in 2015, it was a very similar invitation list, so she did know a lot of people. She spoke to everyone, and Harry never left her side. They looked absolutely in love. They were side by side throughout the night and sat on the top table with Jones. As the evening wore on, I think more people became emboldened to go up and talk to her. She behaved beautifully. There was lots of drinking — it was a proper party.

One waitress was interviewed and served the royal couple dinner. According to her that she was shocked because Prince Harry & Meghan was there and they were like any other couple.

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