Tragedy as boy, 12, is killed in a house fire after he ran back inside to save his siblings

Young Wisconsin boy died after trying to save his siblings in a house fire.

Adrian Cross 12-year-old young Wisconsin boy died on September 24 when he trying to save his sibling because he was unaware that his siblings had already escaped from the burning home. Adrian Cross was trapped on the second floor. The incident happened in the burning home in Milwaukee late Monday night. Adrian didn’t realize that his family was safe already.

June Cross his grandmother, told the Fox6: “He went in to get his brothers. That’s what he was trying to do. All of a sudden, (the family) started screaming.” According to the police that the fire broke out downstairs and rapidly spread upstairs. According to June Cross that the flames were very intense. ‘It was like it wasn’t giving up:”- June Cross said.

Authorities started to investigate to determine what sparked the fire. According to Milwaukee Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing that the firefighter went on the scene immediately after receiving a phone call, but Mr. Rohlfing said that fire was too far along. Fire officials couldn’t find any working smoke detectors at home. “Talk about, “how do I get out of a room if there is a fire. What are my two ways out?” Think about having a meeting place outside” -Milwaukee Fire Chief Mark Rohlfing said.  June Cross, posted a Facebook post to honor her Grandson: June Cross wrote: ‘I would like to Thank the Lord for Blessing us with our grandson Lil Adrian our loss is knowing He in your hands.’ Report says that other family member was not injured in the fire.

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